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Ben Euerby

Ben Euerby has an innate passion for all things film music.  Having grown up in the mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada he derives much of his inspiration from the love and observance of nature.  Ben graduated from the Selkirk College Contemporary Music and Technology Program with a Diploma in Composition.  There he studied film music under the guidance of Leo Award winning composer Don MacDonald.  Recently, Ben apprenticed with the Leo Nominated composer Michael Neilson where he was able to solidify many concepts of film composing in a hands on and practical learning environment.  

Ben’s own composing is a product of the enriching experience of collaborating with film directors.  Ben recognizes that the process of creating a score through rounds of feedback is what makes the final product so much bigger than he could ever conceive of  single handedly.  He knows that great music will happen when being patient and working closely with the director’s overall vision.  Ben also endeavours  to  bring a unique touch to every project, venturing into somewhat uncharted territory and exploring the new boundaries.  He considers himself a lifetime student music and is always looking to expand his knowledge and understanding of film scoring as well as sharpen his orchestral writing.  In his own words “There is so much to explore in the world of Film Music.  That’s what makes it so humbling,  and that’s what makes it something that I continually fall in love with”. 

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